Monday 20th Jan

Leeds West Academy

7pm BBEC 11-7 Leeds Art Uni

POMS - Dan Simpson & Abbie Smith
7.40pm Aireheads 22-16 Goal Diggers

POMS - Lara Broadwell & Kate Grundy
8.20pm Raiders 15-19 Dolly Mixtures

POMS - Harvey Ruston & Annie Isles

Priesthorpe High School

7pm Crushers vs Pitch Slap
7.40pm Busters vs Birky Blinders
8.20pm  Firebolts vs Norfolk

Ralph Thoresby

7pm Panthers vs We Tried
7.40pm Black Knights vs GOT
8.20pm Cobras vs Carreby

Monday 27th Jan

Leeds West Academy

7pm GOT vs Cobras
7.40pm Raiders vs Black Knights
8.20pm Norfolk vs BBEC

Priesthorpe High School

7pm Leeds Art Uni vs Aireheads
7.40pm Goal Diggers vs Firebolts
8.20pm Busters vs Crushers

Ralph Thoresby

7pm Carreby vs Dolly Mixtures
7.40pm We Tried vs Pitch Slap
8.20pm Panthers vs Birky Blinders



























Cup Results/Fixtures

Monday 9th December

7pm We Tried 7-4 Crushers

Ella Pearson & India Heppel
7.40pm Pitch Slap 5-31 Carreby

Naomi Gains & Jen Mccartney 
8.20pm LAU 22-6 Busters

Grace Johnstone & India Heppel

Ralph Thoresby
7pm Aireheads 10-16 Cobras

Jonny Sherwood & Julia Ward
7.40pm BBEC 11-21 Goal Diggers

Ben Taylor & Kimberly Ward
8.20pm Firebolts 13-9 Raiders

Zoe Kane & Steph Varley

Monday 16th December

7pm We Tried 5-26 Busters

Beth Asquith & Ellie Beaumont
7.40pm Pitch Slap 13-30 Aireheads

Carol Brewer & Jonny Sherwood
8.20pm Pitch Slap 13-13 Crushers

Hanna Harrison & Charlotte Green

Ralph Thoresby
7pm GOT 17-17 Goal Diggers

Abbie Schofield & Adrian Taylor
7.40pm BBEC 18-22 Black Knights

Lucy Mitchell & Natalie Sands
8.20pm Carreby 17-18 Cobras

Ryan Nock & Carl Heard

Leeds West
7pm Firebolts 4-21 Titans

Tim Edney & Bex Barnes
7.40pm Dolly Mixtures 11-8 Raiders

James Wynne & Steph Varley
8.20pm Norfolk 19-23 Panthers

Dec Cole & Flo Kerr


Leeds West

7pm Panthers vs Black Knights

7.40pm Dolly Mixtures vs Titans

8.20pm Norfolk vs GOT

What some happy tennis students say:  

"I've given up playing 5 a side football every week, I just can't get enough of mixed netball"

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